Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Juliana - 6 Months of Fabulous

Last week, Juliana hit the 6 month mark and decided to revel in her lavish life of pampering and luxury (as all babies must). She draped on the pearls and proceeded to be fabulous:

I'm having a hard time coping with the fact that my tiny little baby girl has gotten big enough to wear jewelry. 


Here she is all shiny & new. Fresh off the assembly line:

Wasn't that yesterday? It must have been yesterday. Time is passing far too quickly for my liking. It keeps ignoring my "FREEZE!" commands. Inconsiderate, if you ask me. It just keeps marching along...

1 month...

2 months...

3 months...

4 months...

5 months...

6 months...

Blasted time.

I hand painted the "J" (a sweet and thoughtful gift from Karla) for Juliana's nursery when I was hugely pregnant with her and waiting to pop. I'm thinking it needs to make an appearance in Juliana's birthday portraits every year.

She slays me. I'm so madly in love with her. Lack of a sleep schedule and all.

There's no way she's allowed to get any bigger. No way. I object. Vehemently. Growing up is overrated.

Unfortunately, Time and Juliana disagree:

"You can't handle the truth!"

Little lady has a flair for drama. Oy.


  1. Blogging, yay!! :) She's so ridiculously beautiful... I love the portraits. Those gorgeous blue eyes, the long curly locks. Totally makes up for lack of a sleep schedule. ;)

  2. She is adorable. And WAY. TOO. BIG.

    Colton misses her and Katherine. He recently walked up to the bouncy seat and said, "Baby Juliana sit here." Then pointed to the swing, "Baby Quath-ryn sleep there." Boy knows cuteness when he sees it.

  3. I love this! She is so stinking cute, those eyes! Who doesn't need pictures of a gorgeous baby girl :-) And I agree, they grow WAY too fast!

  4. Oh my word. She is just beautiful. Those eyes! Those eyelashes! That smile! My heart is aching a little from the cuteness. And I love her with pearls in a suitcase. It couldn't get any cuter. Just love it

    I can't get over how quickly it all goes. I never realized that I'd blink and Henry would nearly be half a yea old. Make it stop.


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