Monday, March 19, 2012

Nursery Progress... I think.

After my nesting-related panic attack last Tuesday, I had several family members offer to either take Joseph for a day or to come over and help me "get it done." It helped me calm down a bit and realize that I would finish the nursery before Juliana's arrival. Thank you, wonderful people. I love you too! ;)

Something else that's helped me calm down? I managed to squeeze in some time between babysitting yesterday and visiting with extended family today to 1) play musical dressers with the upstairs, 2) put the crib back together & rearrange the nursery furniture a bajillion times, and 3) get everything up and off the floor so that you can actually walk in there for a change. YAY!

Even though it's a small room, I'm glad I decided to put the two matching dressers together. I think the tall one was missing his pal. Besides, there isn't a closet in this room and I need all the storage space I can get. I'm not 100% set on the furniture arrangement, but this is where everything is staying for the foreseeable future.

The floor is very slanted. As in, you can tell that it's not level just by lying on it or looking at the furniture relative to the walls. The last time my brother-in-law Rob slept in there, he informed me the next morning that he couldn't fall asleep at first because "something was off." Finally, he realized he was lying at a considerable slant. Since I don't want this baby to grow up and be that weird chick in the college dorm who props her bed up one side so she can sleep on a slant (However will she make friends?), I'm going to have to do some serious leveling somehow.  I moved the crib over to the wall by the door where the long dresser used to be. It's about to get a relaxing spa treatment & makeover to scrub all the little boy cooties off and prepare for frilly girldom.

I think the bookshelf is a temporary fix until I figure out a way to cutely conceal the ugly plumbing access panel in the wall right there. In the mean time, Joseph is reliving his babyhood by digging through all the previously organized baby toys. Very helpful. ;)

I'm not sure how I feel about the location of the rocking chair, but I'm testing it out. The rocking chair finish doesn't seem to be that much lighter than the crib in person... but I guess the higher exposure really brings out the red undertones? Whatever. I think it's getting a seat & back cushion either way.

Now onto the next steps:

4) Vacuum & wipe down everything.
5) Organize clothes, diapers, & supplies in drawers.
6) Beautify crib... sew teething guards & hang shelf/drapes.
7) Hang curtains... Maybe sew new, lighter happy ones instead of keeping the manly dark brown?
8) Hang art and mobile. Maybe bring in a small plant. Prettify dresser tops.


  1. Looking good! I LOVE those dressers...I might steal them. You know, if I can carry them out and get them into my car by myself.

    C's rocking chair is right by his bed, which was not a problem until he realized he could stand in his bed and rock it into the wall. Which isn't really a problem, except there are some rocking chair marks/dents on the wall now. For nursing and pre-bed reading purposes, I think its a great location.

    Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. I like the dressers together. I think they're much happier now that they have their long lost friends. :)

    Rob said it was very easy to do an examination of conscience in that bedroom. I, of course, never noticed the slant because I was totally zonked out. :)

    That ledge looks AWESOME with your crib! I can't wait to see it up!! :)

  3. I'm really digging the dark furniture. It's looking great. I also love the matching dressers. A lot. You'd better lock those doors because I'm considering stealing them. I know it's wrong. ;)

  4. You mean you can't rearrange furniture and organize a nursery while massively pregnant AND caring for/constantly entertaining a toddler??? Ha! Me neither :-) Glad you got a break and are feeling a little more on the way to being prepared. I really love those dressers. I can't wait to see how all of this turns out!


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