Thursday, March 15, 2012

Maternity Tool Belt Fashion

I'm thinking of becoming a maternity tool belt model. They say I'm not tall enough, but what do they know?

7 1/2 months preggers

Ok, so it's a normal tool belt... But I still think it's hilarious with my round belly.

Besides, it makes collecting picket price tags way easier and keeps me from having to run into the house to get nail gun nails every time I run out.

I put up all the pickets from the smokehouse garden shed to the corner of the downstairs bathroom this morning and I'm just terribly pleased with myself. 

The gap in pickets is going to be a gate. The inside of the fence is the future deck area.

Joseph, on the other hand, was not pleased with me. He wanted to go for a walk in the stroller. He even got up in the stroller, latched the tray, and proceeded to let me know in no uncertain terms that playing in the back yard wasn't good enough for him.

I'm a terribly unreasonable mother. Cold-hearted. Unmoved by toddler whining. Poor, poor kid.

I took him to the library after lunch and played trains with him to make up for the lack of a morning walk.

This evening, my Mom came over and we walked around the back yard bouncing garden ideas off of each other. You see, my mother knows me and keeps me grounded in reality. It goes like this... The 7 1/2 month pregnant lady suggests that she can put in a grand, sweeping garden (and keep it alive) before her baby arrives and spend almost no money doing it. The sane mother of the crazy pregnant lady suggests plausible alternatives to the crazy lady's delusions.

The result? I now have a fantastic gardening plan for this spring that should result in a happy, easily neglected flowery, veggie-filled back yard for the minimum amount of effort & cost. More on that later, but I think it will really turn out well! Thank you, Mom!


  1. I just have to say that you totally rock that tool belt!! Model away!


  2. You are SO fabulous. :) And next year I might need a list of unkillable plants, k?

  3. You ae so cute in your tool belt! I can't wait to see what you come up with for your yard, I really need to work on this too. I have NO landscaping, it's a little sad. Really not all that different than when you were here, just grass instead of red mud. Sad sad sad!


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