Thursday, February 2, 2012

Joseph's Easy Peasy DIY Toddler-Friendly Bookshelf Tutorial

Ok big people, listen up! Books are very important to us wee folk, so today I'm going to show you how to build a toddler friendly bookshelf.

First off, you have to get your tool box.You can't build stuff without tools, right?

Just ignore all that electronic junk in the hall behind me. My mom took it out of my closet to make room for all of my goods and she keeps claiming she's going to organize it. Ha. I'll believe it when I see it.

Next, you've got to measure everything. The measuring tape is supposed to work wonders for this, but the dumb thing keeps rolling up. Design flaw, I tell you. Someone should notify the manufacturer.

After you've got all your measurements marked, cut your wood to the right length. I find a nice hand saw works wonders in this situation. Mom's always using the power saw. I think she's just lazy.

Get your screws and level together so that you can hang the shelves straight. I don't think this is necessary, but my Mom insisted. Sheesh. Girls. So demanding.

Screw everything into place. Make sure to utilize the stud. The tool wielding 3 foot stud muffin, that is. *click* How you doin'? *wink*

Hammer on all your shelves as hard as you can to make sure they can't be pulled down by a certain miniature human. No, I am not referring to myself. You should really have your brain checked out. I think it's gone a little haywire.

Then, all you have to do is nail the fronts of the shelves on and there you have it!

Just look at all those books! And I can even see what they are now! Mom can take that other bookcase out of the room and I never have to pull the books completely off the shelves to see what they are again.

Unless... of course... I need to fix something...

What? That shelf was totally crooked. I even checked with the level! Scout's honor!

Lastly, don't forget to collect your congratulatory kiss from Mommy for a job well done.

This is a very important step. Crucial. DO NOT SKIP IT.

And that's how you build shelves for toddlers people. Keep it in mind.

Well, my work here is done. I'm off to sleep in my race car bed. Peace out, homeys.


A Note From Joseph's Demanding Mother:

Sheesh. Toddlers. Nothing but attitude. Can you believe him?! Taking all the credit. Little punk. Anyways, I will post before/after pictures, a more, er, concise tutorial, and the total cost of this project in the near future. Plus future plans for the big kids room as a whole. And there are about 5 other ongoing projects that I'm working on... but what else is new, right? ;)


  1. Joseph, you are such a talented (and studly) little builder! When you come visit, can you build some toddler friendly shelves for me? Colton is a book throwing machine and I'm not sure he's handy enough to build them without your expert guidance.

  2. Oh he's so cute. And I love the bookshelves - we put forward facing shelves in Thomas's room and it's made a huge difference!

  3. Caaaahute bookshelves. What a great idea for all those cute books.


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