Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Helloooooooooo Third Trimester

My friend Mary-Carolyn demanded belly photos. De. Man. Ded.

Since I have officially reached the beginning of the third trimester with just three months left to go AND was actually dressed with decent bed hair this morning... here you go:

Those are my normal jeans. A bit snug, but just stretchy enough to button. Don't worry, I popped the button off the other pair that I own. These are the jeans that I have to constantly pull up when not pregnant. Honestly, I prefer pajama pants these days. Spring needs to hurry up and get here so that I can start rocking the sun dresses. Although, it's so warm and sunny out today, don't think I wasn't tempted.

Some stats:

Weight: No idea. Relatively healthy.
Cravings: Not especially. Though I will eat any avocado within sight. But I do that even when I'm not gestating. And I do sometimes get it into my head that I want. to. make. this. pretty. Pinterest. recipe. now. 
Movement: Plenty. As in Kung Fu master level movement. You can even see it from the outside. And she's big enough that she makes my belly lopsided when she rolls over.
Annoyances: Occasional reflux and lower back pain. Of course, if I forget that I'm pregnant and leap off the couch (what? it happens?), some lower abdominal pulling. Fortunately, all the morning sickness and excessive exhaustion disappeared after the first trimester. So, really, all's well.
Spryness: Good enough that I can still chase my son through the tunnel maze at the McDonald's playplace. (What? Of course that's allowed. I'm really not that much taller than 4 feet. Besides, he couldn't climb up all by himself, now could he?)

See? Spry. As a leaping llama. That's me.

Belly button: Still in, but starting to look a little flat. Joseph likes to push on it. Amendment: Joseph likes to push on it while making Devil Face. If you are unfamiliar with Devil Face, fear not. One of these days, I'll do a whole blog post about Devil Face.

Belly Circumference: Big enough that I can't see my feet if I look straight down. Only if I hold them out in front of me or bend a little at the waste.

And I can still pick the sweet, darling angel (little monster) up without issue. Though, I have been making him walk his tiny little self everywhere the vast majority of the time. 

Story time is a little uncomfortable when he's sitting on my lap and leaning back on my belly, but so far, so good.

This is how one's belly looks if one sets 30 some pounds of toddler on top of it.

Oh, he's not picking his nose in that picture. I just asked him "Joseph, where's the baby?" and he's pointing to himself. Yeah. He wishes. He knows what babies look like and will point to them if they are in the vicinity, but hasn't grasped that there's one in my belly. He just thinks I'm getting fat. Everyday we work on Joseph becoming "mommy's big helper" in the hopes that it will help with the transition. He turns 2 on April 4, potty training is coming up, the little lady is due May 3, and he get's his first actual cousin in June. Joseph surrounded by girls. It's going to be an eventful summer. :)


  1. Thank you for answering my demands. I LOVE the belly and the fact that you're still wearing your regular jeans.

    Also, the photos of you and Joseph make me want to have another baby ASAP more than squishy newborn photos do. Why is that?

  2. EEEEE! You look SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! :):):)


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