Monday, November 28, 2011

Homemade Samoas a la Joseph

I've been lustfully eyeing (and pinning) homemade Samoa Girl Scout cookie recipes on Pinterest for ages now. Ages.

Fortunately for my cookie lusting self, this week's Dare to DIY party challenge is to hop on the holiday cookie bandwagon. Especially since, according to the very, very wise Kim, cookies don't have calories around Christmas. My cookie lusting self is inclined to agree.

Dare to DIY

So, this morning, after Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but before Joseph decided to unfold all my clean laundry, the little man and I set out to make my favorite Girl Scout cookies.

Joseph really likes to help me in the kitchen. Especially when the mixer, blender, or Cuisinart are involved. They make loud noises and spinney motions. What's not to like. I let him add the ingredients to the cookie dough and then watch as said ingredients were beaten to a pulp. Then the fun began.

First you pat the dough...

(Action shot... Pat! Pat! Pat!)

Then you roll the dough...

Umm, Joseph that doesn't look like rolling to me...

That looks like cookie dough thievery!!!

Lucky for him, this recipe didn't call for any eggs. I could responsibly allow my child to steal and consume the cookie dough. There is something very wrong with that statement... Anywho, as part of the final hurrah, I let Joseph slice the dough into pieces with a pizza slicer. Because it was fun. 

Needless to say, the dough was very well handled. Don't worry. The cookies turned out just fine.Once they cooled, we made the caramel/coconut topping and drizzled everything with chocolate. Ladies and gentlemen, I present, happiness in the form of a cookie.

And, quite possibly, love handles. No, wait, it's Advent! These must be calorie free!

We used this recipe from Cinnamon & Chai. The creation process for this cookie is a very messy, sticky process. Not for the feint of heart. However, if you can handle rice krispie treats, you can probably handle the coconut/caramel mess. I have to say, overall they were quite tasty. Not exact replicas of the Girl Scouts Samoas/Carmel Delights, but pretty darn close.

Of course, I think I'd be happy just eating the toasted coconut & caramel topping mixture like a rice krispie treat. Note to self, next time, skip all other steps and go straight for the coconutty awesomeness. In large sheets.


  1. These look amazing! Love the action shots of your little guy helping too; that's the best part! Now to see if they taste as good as the ones in the purple box :)

  2. We don't have Samoas here in Ontario, but they do look phenomenal - sort of like a cross between German Chocolate Cake and a Sugar Cookie. Yum!

  3. These look so good! Mouth is watering! What a treat. These are my favorite Girl Scout cookies, too. Although I can never call them Caramel Delights. They are Samoas. =) Thanks for linking up!

  4. These looks so delicious! I might have to make them for my next cookie exchange! Maybe I will go straight for the coconutty awesomeness first though!

  5. YUMMMMMMMMMMM!!! My FAVORITE girl scout cookie!!!! And you know how to make them!!! You are my hero! And also... save me some? ;)

  6. These look incredible! I have never actually had a Samoa bc. I am a Thin Mint girl, but seeing these makes me think I am missing out on something! I am antsy to try them out!


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