Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Kid the Photo Bomber

Stephen, Joseph, and I recently met up with the Longbrake family for a friendly family picnic and photoshoot.

We had lots of fun eating peanut butter crackers and carrot sticks together. Mr. Colton is such a cutie. Don't you just want to smooch on him?

I do!

Joseph came along so that he could practice his barking skills with Mr. Colton. He was all about following Colton everywhere he went. Colton was all, "Dude? What's with this kid on my tail?" And Joseph was all, "MOM! He's MY size!! (almost :P) We're going to be best friends!! I want to do everything he does!!"

All that following ultimately led to this:

This picture cracks me up. Here I am in the middle of a Longbrake family photo shoot and I have... Mary Carolyn Longbrake, Colton Longbrake, and Joseph Not A Longbrake. My kid the photo bomber. Gotta have fun during a photoshoot, right?

Mary-Carolyn - I worked diligently on separating your photos into "everyone looking at the camera and smiling" and "Colton is so, so not cooperating" yesterday. I'll begin the editing process today. Hopefully I'll have a nice sneak peek blog post for you on my photography website this week! I had lots of fun spending time with you as usual! We definitely need to plan out a thrifting weekend sometime soon. Do you hear that Sarah? DO YOU????


  1. I love this! As I recall, I *may* have encouraged Joseph to come be a part of my family. Poor Joseph; Colton was underwhelmed with his presence. He must have been confused by Joseph's lack of bow and/or dress.

    SARAH! WE MUST ALL HANG OUT AGAIN SOON! Colton and Joseph's future friendship depends on it!

    Also, sorry my kid was uncooperative. I never saw that one coming since he is the epitome of compliance and cooperativeness at home. His newest word - nope. Cuter than no, but do we need TWO uncooperative words?

  2. I hear that!!! AND I APPROVE!!!!! :) Thrifting would be amazing!!! I'll email you guys. Right now. :)

  3. PS: I totally love that picture of MC's two toddlers. :)

  4. Could these people be any cuter? Love the photo of Mary-Carolyn and the two babies (photo bomber included).


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