Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Disdain of Big Brother Joseph

Hey Joseph! Guess what?? You are going to be a big brother! What do you think??

Oh. Hmm.

So, you aren't in the least bit interested? But babies are lots of fun! Trust me.

Oh, come on! Don't be like that! Don't you even want to look at the pictures???


I managed to rescue the ultrasound pictures before Joseph damaged them too much. He'll come around. I don't think he actually understands any of it yet, but he will.

Blogosphere, meet Baby #2. The cause of my current near narcoleptic-like state and thus my  primary excuse for lack of blogging.

We're referring to him/her as Cobalt until we pick a name. Why? Well, when my husband was in high school, he decided that his children would be named Gastropod, Cobalt, and Frankenstein. Naturally, I objected. Wouldn't you? Thus, these names became temporary code names for our unborn children.

This little tyke is due May 3rd, which also happens to be my sister Amy's (and apparently Mary-Carolyn Longbrake's) birthday. I'm about a month apart from my sister-in-law Sarah, who is also wonderfully pregnant. We get to grow huge together. EEEEE!


  1. Yaaaaay!!!

    Can you please have this baby on May 3rd? Then I will beg Sarah to please have her baby on June 16th, so your babies can be my birthdate-family. That would be awesome!

    Super excited for you and Sarah! (Also, you look awesome!)

  2. wow!!!! congrats!!!!! i'm sure he'll be super excited when the baby is more than a picture :) hope you get more energy soon - but mostly, CONGRATS!

    I still have to share with the blogosphere how you told me about baby Cobalt. I've been slacking. I'm so glad you finally told the internets! :)

  4. WHAT??? YAYAY! I'm so late to the party but I'm so darn happy for you. Congrats, congrats!


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