Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Of course I'm THE BEST wife ever! *I* can make Star Wars references." ;)

(No, Sarah, that wasn't a dig at your deplorable lack of Star Wars knowledge! I would never make fun of someone who describes Episode IV as the movie where "Luke crashes his spaceship into the giant golf ball." Space station. Golf ball. Tomato. Tom-ah-to.)

Both of our cars decided to break down on us at the same time this week. As you can imagine, it was oodles of fun! And expensive. And ultimately led to this spectacular conversation:

Stephen: Don't worry! It's not like we need heating oil this winter! We'll just put space heaters in one room and live there until spring. We can call it Home Base.

Caroline: Don't you mean Echo Base? The rest of the house might as well be Hoth.

Stephen: Yeah! Can I be the snow monster?

Caroline: Of course! I was thinking Han Solo, but you do look more like a Wampa.

Definitely Stephen. The resemblance is uncanny.

Stephen: And you can be a tauntaun!

Caroline:  ... Really??? A tauntaun. That's the best you can do?

To be fair, I do walk like a tauntaun when I chase Joseph around the house.

Stephen: Hey Joseph! Guess what? You came out of a tauntaun! It was nice and warm! And you thought she smelled bad on the inside!!

Caroline: ...*blinks* ... *blinks some more*  ...WOW. Just WOW. I am so blogging this.

True love, folks. True love. That's the only explanation for why my husband is still alive.

Just for that, this is going to be his next birthday cake:

We can do it, Theresa. We can do it.

And I'm 99% sure that Joseph NEEDS this sleeping bag on his first camping trip.

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  1. Um, Actually, the quote is, "The one where Luke crashes his space MACHINE into the giant golfball." ;)
    I did get a wife point the other day for a Disney reference, so maybe I'm not totally useless? ;)
    I'm sorry about your cars! You can just come live at our house this winter, k?


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