Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Forward progress on the upstairs bathroom addition has been stalled since last September.

In an effort to keep heat in the house, we closed the addition off over the winter and haven't really dealt with it since. What can I say? Renovations move slowly around here.

However, I'm happy to finally report some movement.

A few weeks ago, Stephen tackled the BACIPP (Big Ass Cast Iron Poop Pipe) that connects with our upstairs bathroom. he needed to tap into it in order to hook up a second upstairs toilet in the addition. A crucial step to completing all of the addition's plumbing and the primary obstacle standing in the way of addition progress.

I think he was having visions of the whole pipe shifting and crashing down through the house.

Fortunately, he got over his worries and took the saw zaw to that puppy.

He used a blade specifically meant to cut through metal. It took a while, but finally, he pulled out a section of the old cast iron pipe.

Being the sweetheart that he is, he offered it to me... You know... Just in case I had the sudden urge to add a section of cast iron pipe with decades of other people's poop on the inside of it to my collection of really old cast iron.

I informed Stephen that, while it was certainly old enough, the pipe wasn't stamped by Wagner and therefore wasn't of any use to me. I then promptly placed it in the outside trashcans in case Stephen got any other crazy ideas. My father (who collects Wagner Ware) would be so proud!

Happily satisfied at having vexed his wife (his primary objective in life), Stephen went on to attach a big PVC fork to the BACIPP.

Then Stephen and Theresa had some fun and made me go flush the upstairs toilet so they could see what would happen. Because they are weird. And they videotaped the whole thing. Because they are weird. And then they put it up on YouTube. Really, really weird. And very comfortable discussing poop at the dinner table. Because they are weird.

And now you know more about my odd, but wonderful family than you ever, ever wanted to know. Your welcome.

More addition progress to come over the weekend!


  1. You seriously crack me up. BACIPP? Didn't know that was the technical name. We did the exact same (yucky) project in our new (to us) home. Actually, Ryan was pretty skeered about messing it up so I had it quoted by a plumber. For some reason, the $5K quote make Ryan less scared. He did it and then decided he should be a plumber. For about 10 seconds.

    Go us, budget DIY masters. Jig saw on!


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