Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Adventures in Millinery: The Fascinator Hat

Remember that 50s style dress I made for my sister-in-law a while back?

Well, I had some leftover fabric, so for her birthday, I decided to try my hand at hat making (millinery to the professionals). Specifically, I made her a vintage style pillbox & fascinator hat. If you aren't familiar with those styles, here's what they typically look like:

                  Pillbox Hat                                                                                           Fascinator Hat

I'll share the pillbox hat in a later post, but here's the fascinator hat that I made:

How cute is that?! I got the idea after coming across this helpful video tutorial:

Easy, peasy!

I used a yogurt lid for the form. The whole time, I was chuckling to myself, "Ahahaha! I'm tricking Sarah into wearing a yogurt lid on her head!"

This was a strictly no sew, quick project. It was all done with a hot glue gun.

Of course, the assembly was quick. Hemming and hawing over the design may have taken a little bit longer.

"Hey, Theresa?? Do you think I can have a black band if there's going to be brown on the button?? Do you think it will clash?" Oh, boy, am I ridiculous! Fortunately, Theresa has no qualms telling me so.

So, now that we have the hat base complete, we just have to add the veil & decorate it. I decided to twist some shimmery ribbon into roses & hot glued them in place.

For the finishing touch, I added a covered button. And voila! Yogurt lid fascinator hat!

I'll let Sarah model it for you if she wants to.

So, go to it, folks! Have fun! Go crazy! Add feathers! You can't go wrong with feathers.

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  1. When I opened the box, I said to Rob, "Wow! I didn't know she was a milliner too!" Rob said, "huh?" I felt so cultured. :)

    It is SO SO fabulous! :) I'll try to take a picture for you today. And, yes, I totally love that you are tricking me into wearing a yogurt lid on my head. ;)


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