Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vacuum Packing Cubes = Amazing Storage

Exhibit A: Excess amounts of infant clothing. Too small for Joseph.

Exhibit B: Space cube bag with vacuum seal capabilities that my mom gave me two years ago. I'm just now using it for the first time.

Exhibit C: Excess infant clothing in space cube and a very happy child-who-is-no-longer-an-infant. Sniff.

Exhibit D: Exuberant crinkly plastic bag slapping fun. Joseph 1. Bag 0.

Exhibit E: Vacuum sealed infant clothes. Half it's original size. Hell's yeah! I highly recommend these bags.

What is not exhibited is my poor child-who-is-no-longer-an-infant shaking, cowering, crying, and clinging to my leg as I use the vacuum to suck all of the air out of the bag. Not because I'm taking away his crinkly bag fun. No. Because he's kind of (very) afraid of the vacuum. But he doesn't crawl away from it. He crawls straight to me and holds on for dear life. Even though I'm standing right next to the vacuum.  Even if I put him down on the other side of the room as far away from the vacuum as possible, he crawls straight for me. Poor baby. Fortunately it only took about 30 seconds to shrinkify the clothes. He wasn't too traumatized.

I'm probably the meanest mother ever, but now I have plenty of space to pack away baby bottles, breast pumps, and other infant paraphernalia in the same bin. Victory. Sort of.


  1. meanest. mother. EVER!
    Vaccuuming IS scary. I totally get why Joseph crawls toward you. Because clearly that loud machine is trying to eat you! And he has to SAVE HIS MOMMY! Unfortunately, he's still working on getting his man card, so there's crying involved.

  2. vacumming?
    why can't I spell this word??

  3. Oh my. He's adorable. I've gotta try these bags. How cool!


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