Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Perfect Birthday Cake for A Man Who Is (Slightly) Obsessed with Pizza

Meet the deep dish pizza cake.

Is it not fantastic? My husband's favorite food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) is pizza. It's also his favorite word. He uses the word "pizza" as other people use the word "So..." Knowing that, we decided to make him a pizza cake for his 25th birthday.

Here's what we (Theresa and I) used:
  • white or yellow cake baked in a cast iron pan
  • strawberry jelly for tomato sauce
  • grated white chocolate for cheese
  • fruit roll-up for pepperoni (cut out with a bottle cap)
  • Pizza Hut box

Of course, we could have gone the fondant route... but has anyone ever noticed that fondant doesn't taste very good? Ok, good, it's not just me. Fruit roll-ups, on the other hand... Very tasty!

Even if the fruit roll-up is sometimes sticky, stretchy, and difficult... you can just eat the messed up "pepperoni"!

It was quick and easy to make, yet it really looked like a pizza by the time we were done! It must be all that time I spend making real pizza for Stephen...

Word to the wise... When taking group pictures with a baby... Look out for little hair grabbing fists...

Poor Theresa...

Stephen was very excited when we presented him with his cake.

He just shares excitement a little differently than other people...

Of course, we had to cut the cake with a pizza cutter.

And we ate the cake slices like pizza slices. Mmm... Mouthfuls of cake.

The cake was surprisingly tasty. I was a bit worried about the jelly/white chocolate combination, but I liked it.

Stephen also liked his presents...

A T-shirt of his favorite Buddy the Elf quote:


And a Captain Hammer t-shirt:

I have a sneaking suspicion that I might be treated with some serious swaggering and uber confident singing sometime in the future...

If you want to make a pizza cake of your own, then Captain Hammer offers the following advice: "Don't worry if it's hard, if you're not a friggin 'tard, you will prevail!"

Oh, Captain Hammer... Such a way with words... If you haven't seen "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog", you are missing out. GO WATCH IT NOW. IMMEDIATELY. POST HASTE.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! I still love you... even if you are an old man


  1. That is AMAZING!!! I am so impressed!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Stephen :) Great job on the cake~! It does look amazing~!


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