Monday, January 3, 2011

On the 9th Day of Christmas, I Finally Shared My Tree...

And ain't it purty?

It's huge. And 9 feet tall. And fake. But it's a really nice fake. Most people think it's real at first. I like that it doesn't drop needles, but as someone who grew up with real Christmas trees, I miss the evergreen smell.

After telling my husband this, he bought some pine tree car air fresheners... and promptly hung them inside the tree

Bwahahaha. It must be love. But then, who wouldn't love this handsome lumberjack??

I swear, he's not nearly as smelly as Theresa is trying to make him out to be... Unless he's been camping. Then yes. He is. Ah, love.

This is us in 50 years:

Aww! If you look closely, you can see that 50 years from now Stephen has Xs for eyes. That's because he failed to eat his vegetables throughout our entire marriage and died prematurely. He claims that it's because I'm plotting to have him assassinated. It's true, but only so that I can run away with Don Juan, my Latino lover. The truth is the truth.

I may have mentioned this before, but my (ill-fated) husband LOVES Christmas. He usually starts begging me to drag out the tree in June. He left his own tree up for 3 straight years in college. Since he likes Christmas so much, we've decided that his consciences probably appear as Santa Claus.

I think he refuses to eat green vegetables because he's constantly listening to his Bad Santa Conscience. And he's stubborn. And probably because he's a lumberjack... They only eat pancakes, right?

We have a lot of random hand me down ornaments, so we used red and gold Christmas balls to tie the whole tree together. Give it a unified look.

And candy canes. I'm a firm believer in having real candy canes on the tree. In case of a candy cane craving emergency. Very serious.

Theresa joined us for the Christmas tree decorating fun and games. If you are wondering why we keep her around, all you have to do is take a good look at the next picture... It speaks for itself.


There's also this reason and this reason. Both very compelling reasons to hang out with Theresa ALL THE TIME. It was a fun night ;). (Sorry Freesa... I do love you! Honest!)

We let Joseph hang up his first ornament ever. It's from his Great Grandmom.

It may or may not have been knocked to the floor and lost a small piece which may or may not have been glued back on. I plead the Fifth. And/or blame everything on Joseph.

Ahem. Because, that was definitely that other ornament. The non-important one.

Oh, Christmas! I'm so glad you aren't over until January 5th. It means I can continue to enjoy the pretty glow of my tree... And not feel guilty about the fact that it's still in my living room.

Because I'm definitely going to be responsible & take it down on the 6th. Definitely. *Cough*

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