Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Trees & Toe Socks & Tongues, OH MY!

What an absurdly disturbing combination.

We LOVE Christmas. My husband usually tries to convince me that we should set up the Christmas tree in July. He kept a Christmas tree up for three straight years while he was in college and now he can't understand why I won't allow a Christmas tree to reside in our living room permanently. It's because I have no soul. Sad, but true.

Anyways, when we celebrate Christmas, we go ALL OUT. Joseph has some pretty memorable holidays ahead of him.

We started up our Christmas festivities over the past weekend. I'll go into more detail about some of the more notable activities in later posts, but here's a quick summary...

1. We drank hot chocolate while watching Christmas movies in our Santa hats and jingle bell toe socks. Yes there are actual bells attached to those socks. They make for very merry walking.

You know you are jealous of my sexy toe socks. Thanks, Grandmom!

Our Christmas movie list includes such greats as Elf, A Muppet Christmas Carol, It's a Wonderful Life, & Jingle All the Way. Will Ferrell, Rizzo, Gonzo, James Stewart, Schwarzenegger, & Sinbad. How could you lose?

2. IT SNOWED!! Just a light dusting, but what a perfect way to start December!

3. We watched our itty bitty small town Christmas parade.
4. We dressed Joseph up like Santa Claus.
5. We baked mountains of cookies.
6. We decorated the tree & house.
7. We put up Christmas lights.
8. We received a large group of Carolers.
9. I attended an English Christmas Choral Concert in a really old church downtown.
10. We danced naked around our living room to Christmas music. Ok, not naked.
11. We made pomanders.
12. Joseph learned to purposefully stick out his tongue.

And now he does it all the time. He kept making the guy behind us laugh in church on Sunday.

So, there couldn't possibly be any Christmas activities left, right?? HA!. Quell your doubts.


Don't worry. It will happen before Christmas. Trust me. I'm an adult!


  1. Can I move in with you for Christmas? I married a SCROOGE! I adore Christmas, but he has nary a bit of the holiday spirit. Except when it comes to Colton leaving cookies for Santa this Christmas. I guess he hasn't heard that Scrooges can't be Santa.

  2. haha i love it!! and i especially love the tounge sticking out! he's a baby model!


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