Thursday, December 2, 2010

Embrace the Camera - Aunt Edition

Joseph has some pretty spectacularly fabulous aunts in his life. They are probably the coolest aunts in the whole wide world. I'm just tellin' it like it is. He can't tell you which aunt is his favorite, though, because then he'd get less presents for Christmas.

First there's Aunt Kate. She's all about playing peek-a-boo with this little guy.
Of course, Joseph is open to any opportunity to flirt with his aunts. Is that not the look of a smooth, debonnaire ladies man? He could give Harrison Ford lessons.

Then there's Aunt Amy. Though generally opposed to babies (they creep her out), she makes an exception for Joseph. In fact, Joseph is the ONLY baby in Amy's book. She can't be taken in by other sly little drooly smiles. She's absolutely loyal to this guy.
We're so proud of her for referring to Joseph as a "him" instead of an "it" and for learning to hold a baby like a normal person. Seriously, though, she dotes on the little guy. She gets really excited about Star Wars onsies & baby sock hands. She can't wait to watch "How to Train Your Dragon" with him when he's older and plans to teach him how to be a Viking.

Then there's Aunt Sarah. Joseph loves Aunt Sarah SOOOOOOO much. He informs me that he'd probably be okay if Aunt Sarah stole him away because he's never met anyone who could apply baby bedtime lotion like she does. He says he'd miss the benefits of boobs, but he considers the loss well worth it. ;) Besides, who else would dress him up as a Santa Clause Mermaid Superhero on Thanksgiving?

"Merman, Father! Merman!" (name that quote)
Joseph assures me that no one has more perfect fluffy hair than his Aunt Sarah and can't wait to go trick-or-treating with her next year.

Then, there's Theresa, affectionately known as Aunt Freesa. No one can make Joseph laugh as hard as Aunt Freesa can. It's the combination of her many crazy faces, happy demeanor, perfect piggy snorts, and willingness to say words like "poop!" and "mashed potatoes" repeatedly in order to harvest those little giggles. He loves Aunt Freesa snuggles and always asks why she isn't over for dinner more often! ;) He even likes spending time with Mommy & Aunt Freesa on Girl's Night, despite the potential threat to his masculinity.
By the way, Theresa... We don't have any recent pictures of you with Joseph... THE HORROR!! We shall have to remedy that this weekend! Christmas parade here we come!! Holla!

No little man could ask for better aunts. He's lucky to have such beautiful women in his life. To put it in the words of Joseph... "I love you guys almost as much as Mommy's boobs! Almost."


  1. awwwww... yay!!! :)
    I love being Joseph's Aunt. Favorite. Nephew. Ever. :)

  2. Zoolander :) LOVE IT!!! haha!

    As always such an entertaining post!!!
    cute shots by the way... sounds like he is pretty blessed with his aunts :)

    I was surprised you didn't put the video of me snorting up here! ;)
    You two make me smile every week, and I can't wait to see you tomorrow!! It's been less than a week yet feels like forever!

  4. love the photos - especially the Santa hat!

  5. AMAZING post once again...what an auntie tribute! They should be proud. :)


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