Monday, November 1, 2010

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah... Spooky! Scary!

Boys becoming men... Men becoming wolves!
(...our Halloween weekend motto...)

Happy Halloween!!! I hope everyone had a scary fun, candy-filled day!

This was our first year experiencing trick-or-treaters at our home and it was AH-MAZING!! We had 113 witches, ninjas, pumpkins, and bears (oh my!) show up at our door this evening... And we probably would have had more if we hadn't run out of candy. We had to dig into our candy reserves. We just weren't expecting so many kids. I guess there's something to be said for living on the main street of town in the middle of a rural area. Lots of parents drive their kids into town for candy!

Joseph didn't get candy on his first Halloween, but he did get his first taste of pureed peaches. Festively orange.

While he wasn't overly thrilled by the peaches, he does seem to find pumpkins pretty fascinating.

Stephen, Theresa, and I had a pumpkin carving fest Saturday night. We drank individual bottles of sparkling apple cider (courtesy of the fabulous Theresa) and watched Hocus Pocus together while gutting and sawing at our victims... er... pumpkins. There were a few minor injuries, but we managed to escape with our lives. Things tend to go a muck when knife wielding is involved. "A muck, a muck, a muck!" I love Hocus Pocus!!  Oh, AND we realized that Thackery Binx was played by a teenage McGee from NCIS. How crazy is that?

Pumpkin guts were gobbled down in Stephen tradition...

And then the carving began...

Meet Stephen's pumpkin head.

He looks like that every morning.

Now for Theresa's masterpiece...

Meet Cletus, the slack-jawed yokel. He's a native to our town and a true work of art!

Oh, and he has leprosy. He's gone into a decline and all of his skin is rapidly falling off. Poor Cletus.

It's ok. We still love him. Despite his debilitating disease.

And finally, I decided to exorcise some of my demons and carved a bat pumpkin.

I often stick my tongue out while concentrating. Make sure to take a close look at Stephen's face in the background... It's priceless.

Oh, and after carving a bat into my pumpkin, I decided to communicate a message to all of my little batty friends. You know.. all those bats who used to live in my attic... the ones who used to delight in flying in circles around my living room...

The bats may be gone from my attic, but I think I might still have some unresolved issues to deal with... What do you think?

I really liked that each of our pumpkins had a different top.

And all of our trick-or-treaters really liked our pumpkins.

Joseph even had his own mini-pumpkin. I carved a J into it for him so that he would know it was his.

Not too shabby, eh?

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. I love the pumpkins! And your unresolved issues. And your assertion that Joseph knows what a "J" is. ;)
    Yup. We're totally coming to your house for Halloween next year.

  2. 30 Rock quote! Love it. :) I mentioneda silly Tracy Jordan two posts ago. :)


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