Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Backyard = Junkyard

One of my biggest pet peeves is people who leave all kinds of nasty junk and clutter in their yards for all the world to see. It seriously bugs me. A lot.

So, imagine my chagrin when, over the past 4 or so months, I had copious amounts of junk in my back and side yards. What a wonderful little slice of humble pie that was.

Here we have my side "yard" filled up with all kinds of debris. Boards riddled with nails, old radiators, a puke yellow toilet, some old computer monitors... Classy. Very classy.

The thing about home improvement is that more often than not, you have to rip stuff up and destroy it before you can make it better. That means you are left with lots of junk. Really heavy junk that your average garbage man will turn his nose up at.

After ripping the roof off of the downstairs bathroom and putting up the addition, we had plenty of said heavy junk in our back yard. The pile of junk was actually piled about 5 times as high as this. I took this picture after my husband had moved a bunch of trash to the curb.

You better believe that the giant heap of junk in my back yard bugged me. A LOT. I wanted it gone. Oh, boy, did I want it gone. But you know what? I wasn't about to load my baby and a bunch of junk into my SUV and haul it to the junk yard myself. No way. Not when I had a million other things I could be doing. I was going to wait for heavy trash pick up day. That oh so glorious day which only comes twice a year in our itty bitty little town.

If you look closely, you can see the exersaucer and my baby set up in the shade of the blue SUV. He hung out outside with me while I moved junk from the nasty pile to the curb.

Thankfully, as of last week, all of the garbage is gone and I'm SO HAPPY about it. I can go back to feeling like a responsible homeowner. The difference this time around is that I've learned to be less judgy when it comes to junk in other peoples' yards. Who am I to throw stones??

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