Thursday, September 16, 2010

{Embrace} the Camera

Vacuum + baby + moby wrap = passed out, limp-limbed baby = Awe-SOME!

I don't know what I'd do without my Moby Wrap. I can do dishes, fold laundry, vacuum my house, nurse, and so much more - all while COMFORTABLY snuggling my baby. The moby is both versatile for various types of carries and it evenly distributes the weight so that you don't get back aches! Baby wearing rocks my socks!

Look at that fat foot!!

And, okay, I'll admit that I walk around singing, "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts!" every time I wear Joseph. It just seems so appropriate as he's usually sandwiched between them..

However, I think we're ready to graduate to back carries. No more coconut time for the little guy.

"We are? Mom, are you sure? Because, I really like the easy access."

"Yes, Joseph. We are ready for back carries. Trust me. I'm your mother. I know all."

"Of course you do, Mommy. You know everything. I'll never question you again." (Yeah. Right.)

Dude, when are you going to get some hair?

So, by executive Mommy decree, back carrying it is.

From what I've read, Moby Wraps really aren't meant for back carries. They aren't wide enough and they are far too stretchy. That means I'll have to graduate to a woven wrap.

There are a lot of different brands. Anyone have any suggestions? Tips? "Oh my gosh this woman is crazy" comments?

The other problem is that woven wraps are expensive. Like $100+ expensive. Maybe I can make one?

Maybe I can. I just googled it and found online tutorials HERE. Has anyone else made their own wraps??

As for learning the actual back carries, it may be tricky, but YouTube is my friend.


  1. Oh I love this pictures! His skin and eyes look just perfect, and you know I love his eyes!

    Baby wearing is also great for going to the bathroom in public places. Don't have to set the baby carrier down on the germy bathroom floor!

    Do you have an area babywearing mom's group? We do, and the lady who leads it has worn several children and makes and sells her own wraps and slings. She was a great help when I was figuring out what I wanted for carrying Colton.

  2. I don't know much about woven wraps. We used a Baby Hawk that was great for the back. I also have a Beco (similar to the Ergo.)

    I'm really excited to try a Moby for the next babe. I used a sling but was never able to nurse in it!

  3. that second pic is awesome. i love my wraps too!

  4. Those blue eyes say it ALL! Great pics!

  5. Oh my gosh. Your baby is beyond words precious. These photos made my morning.

  6. Creative pictures!

    I made a moby wrap and my daughter didn't like it. It's about the only thing in this life that she has fussed about. Maybe I didn't make it correctly. :(

  7. he is adorable :)
    Love these shots!

  8. I love your narration of the pictures. :o) I have a Moby wrap too. My son only likes it if his feet and hands are able to move. My favorite way to wear him is in the ergo. I know it's on the pricey side, but I LOVE it! You can back, hip or front carry. Highly recommend it!

  9. I love how you commented on his chubby foot. Because when I saw that picture that's the first thing I noticed!! haha. He's adorable. =)

  10. i love those shots in the mirror!

  11. Agh, I totally miss these moments! So SWEET!

  12. Too cute! Love the kiss picture! :) And, I see we share a love of the moby! :)
    To keep him away from the coconut time, you can carry him facing outward in it. No experience with the back wraps, have tried to make my own wrap. my mom (who has a lot of sewing experience) & I tried to make my own "moby"...epic fail!

  13. those pictures are beautiful! those eyes! im borrowing an ergo from a friend and really like it.

  14. joseph is simply beautiful! what a gorgeous bundle of chubbiness!

  15. These images are amazing! The fact that they were taken one handed baffles me...true talent. :)

  16. i love those last few pics---with him in focus and you in the background.

    ahhh, graduating from the moby? he's growin' up.


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