Monday, September 6, 2010

A Conversation About the Future of the Sandwich Shoppe

The following is a conversation which actually took place between my husband and myself. We are grown ups. In theory.


Stephen: So... I have an idea for what I want to do with the Sandwich Shoppe. I told Theresa.

Caroline: Oh, yeah? (looks up from typing a blog post) What's that?

Stephen: I don't want to tell you. You'll laugh.

Caroline: (concern wrinkling my brow - I know how dangerous his ideas can be) I promise I won't laugh and I won't say "no" right away. I'll give it some thought.

Stephen: Nevermind. I'll just wait and do it.

Caroline: (gets up from couch and climbs onto Stephen's lap to frame his face between my hands) Now you have to tell me.

Stephen: Nope.

Caroline: Come on! You can't tell Theresa and not your wife!!

Stephen: Nope.

Caroline: I'll scratch your head if you tell me.

Stephen: And my back?

Caroline: (rolling eyes) And your back.

Stephen: I was, maybe thinking, that we should have glow in the dark walls.

Caroline: (awkward pause, resists laughing, keeps face serious) That could be... interesting.
Stephen: BWAHAHAHAHAHA. You believed that! You are so gullible!!

Caroline: What?!?! I hate you!!

Stephen: No you don't. You love me! What in the world would we do with glow in the dark walls??

Caroline: I don't know. You've had stranger ideas. Besides, I promised I wouldn't laugh. What do you really want to do??

Stephen: Tickle you!

Caroline: (Brief struggle ensues during which time I barely manage to keep from being tickled) No! What do you really want to do with the Sandwich Shoppe?

Stephen: I want to keep the ceiling slanted. I think it would make a great mini movie theater - with a projector and sheet.

Caroline: Oh. That's all? That's fine. I don't mind that. We'd need somewhere to sit while watching movies. Like some kind of couch area...

Stephen: We could use hammocks.

Caroline: That could be cool. We could put them up and take them down whenever... I like hammocks.

Caroline: What? I like hammocks. What's wrong with hammocks??

Stephen: To watch movies? You are wickedy wickedy wack! With the smack! Don't talk back!


You never know. In a few years, we could have a glow in the dark retro movie theater where people lounge around in hammocks. It could happen. And we'd be the coolest kids on the block!

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