Thursday, August 12, 2010

{Embrace} the Camera

Some of the little details of motherhood:

Morning mommy snuggles/tummy time.

Smooches. "Mwah!"

Chest nuzzling. "Oooo! Boobs! There could be food!" Face plant.

Little fists full of mommy hair. "Mommy, I think you would look pretty bald. Just like Pappy."

Mommy/Baby hand holding. "Hmm. These fingers look tasty."

Little fingers holding my hand in a death grip. Hard little gums chewing on my knuckle. "Nom, nom, nom."

There are definitely teeth lurking in those gums..

Because he chews really, really hard.

And won't let go. Ever.


  1. I like your post today. So cute and you'll cherish these when he is grown. :o)

  2. i love these little pics, i need a good camera, honestly, sheesh ;) what sweet moments you captured!

  3. I think all kids love fingers. Those are such sweet pictures.

  4. so sweet :) i have a baby, but this still gives me baby fever!

  5. fantastic pictures. the lighting is so good.

  6. OMG!! Those little finger pics are precious. Beautiful!! I miss that age. xo

  7. He is such a handsome happy boy! I just adore him.


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