Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Breaking and Entering Key Style

It was  my sister-in-law Theresa's birthday last Thursday! She turned 23! Old bag. She practically needs a cane just to get out of her apartment. Fortunately, I am a spry spring chicken. Much younger than Theresa.


In honor of her impending old ladyhood, I baked her some cupcakes.

Some yellow lemon blueberry cupcakes.

And some pink lemon raspberry cupcakes. Mmm mmm.

Topped with lemon cream cheese frosting and a little fruit. No, of course I didn't eat any of the frosting. (LIES!!!)

Using my advanced lock picking skills (i.e. my spare key), I broke into her apartment. I used her mixer to make the frosting.  Then I borrowed (stole) 10 or so parchment triangles to decorate the cupcakes while Joseph napped and recovered from his well baby doctor visit.

I filled up the entire top shelf of her refrigerator with cupcakes. And that's when Joseph woke up and informed me that he had been served an injustice (i.e. shots) and was not happy about it. Poor baby. It's ok. Boobs make everything better.

Back when my sister-in-law Sarah got married, she gave me some name cards that she wasn't planning on using. They've been sitting in my desk drawer and I finally found a use for them.

I left clues all over the apartment leading to the cupcakes using the name cards. Thanks, Sarah!

I was going to make each of the clues rhyme, but Joseph was fussy due to aforementioned shots and I had to get home in time for Stephen to take his car to work.

And now I want cupcakes.


  1. They look terrific, AND I'm so excited about the time you took to surprise her!!! I LOVE "plans" of any sort that involve making people smile ;) Good job!!


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