Saturday, July 10, 2010

It Only Took Me A Year

One full year after moving into our house, I finally got around to hanging pictures on the living room walls. I am a champion procrastinator.

First, I read up on picture hanging. I wanted to know what height I should hang the pictures at (eye level!) and what types of arrangements to use for an even/odd number of frames.

I decided to put a large grouping of frames on the biggest empty wall space in the living room. After figuring out how I wanted the frames groups by moving them around on the floor, I traced the frames onto plain paper and taped them on the wall to help make sure everything was centered, evenly spaced, and level.

I may add more to this arrangement at a later date, but for now, it's our family photo wall, with Stephen's siblings on one side and my siblings on the other. Please ignore the pink couch - it will either get covered or removed. I haven't decided yet.

Then I framed and hung some of my favorite wedding photos above the love seat (tee hee).

And I hung some of my favorite baby photos on the opposite wall from the love seat.

For the first time, the living room is really starting to feel like a homey family area to me. A little incentive to start hanging more photos up around the house. Wahoo!

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