Friday, July 9, 2010

Farm Fresh Peaches, Extra Fuzzy

I have marvelous news!

Our town has started its own farmer's market! Happy, happy, joy, joy! No more trekking 20 minutes to the nearest farmer's market. I can now walk to my own every Saturday. It's small with only 6 or so vendors, but I enjoy getting to know the local farmers and their little kids. There's honey, handmade soap, peaches, and other various fresh farm goods.

At this rate, I'll never have to leave town again because I can just walk everywhere.

Due to all of the seriously hot weather we've been having, peaches came two weeks early this year.

They may be fuzzy, but they are soooooo juicy and delicious.

I'll admit that I've eaten most of these peaches by myself. There are only 5 left and I'll probably scarf them down for breakfast tomorrow.

I like to eat them with a little cream and sugar. I also like to eat the peach skins. How about you? Peach skin or no peach skin? Some people just can't get past the fuzz.

I also made a fantastically tasty peach cobbler using Paula Deen's recipe. Be sure to use real butter. It's not Paula Dean without lots of "budda." I once watched her pretend to eat a chunk of butter on her cooking show. Hilarious! Whenever I think of Paula, that's the image that comes to mind.

And as a real southern woman, she knows how to bake a peach cobbler. Seriously. You have to try her recipe. Your taste buds will be doing a little jig in your month.

Serve it up with a little vanilla ice cream and it's the perfect summer dessert. Or breakfast.

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  1. and, um, I get to eat some this weekend, right??? ;)


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