Monday, July 26, 2010

I Was Only Half Joking About the Turquoise

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of painting my living room turquoise. I realize I have red couches, but after looking through a bazillion red/turquoise google images, I've decided that I really like the combination.

The color of my living room right now (vanilla brandy AKA tan) is nice, but there is just too much beige/tan in the room what with the walls, carpets, and floors. I'm craving a little more color diversity. And I just happen to really like turquoise and red. Maybe I'm crazy, but I found a lot of great red/turquoise room inspiration in this post at House of Turquoise and this post at Odi et Amo.

To test the turquoise and red shark infested waters, I carried one of my hall rugs and the bolt of red couch fabric to my upstairs turquoise room. I wanted to see how they all meshed together.

The turquoise of this wall is a bit washed out in the picture. It's much more turquoise in person. However, I like the overall effect. I think it really brings out the little bits of blue in the carpet.

The tan in the carpet meshes beautifully with the downstairs hardwood floors. Of course, I am somewhat concerned that I'll end up with a red/white/blue Americana effect - but I can avoid that if I avoid American flag pillows in my living room. Right??

This is all in the contemplation stage. I'm not going to rush to Lowes and buy 2 gallons of Parakeet Pete turquoise and repaint the living room tomorrow. I've lived with the Vanilla Brandy tan in the living room for over a year now. I'm still not in love with it, but I don't hate it either and I don't feel the need to change it immediately. My biggest objection to the tan in my living room is that it makes me think of the "people" colored crayon I used as a kid in coloring books. Is that a valid reason to discount a wall color??

So, what do you think folks? Should I give turquoise a shot? Or have I lost my marbles?


  1. DO IT!!!
    You live in a Victorian house! Victorian people had crazy ideas about color schemes. Your house WANTS you to paint it turquoise!
    {"Please, Mrs. Shoppekeeper! Paint me turquoise!"}

  2. oh, i'm so for it! i love turquoise anything, especially a wall!


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