Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby Gym / Internet Cafe

Before I begin, I want to clarify that I am not a computer geek. I may know what a processor looks like, but that is purely a byproduct of living with a computer geek. I am not a computer geek. I am a sane, rational person. My husband is the opposite - a computer geek. A plaid wearing, bearded lumberjack of a computer geek with a 5 year old's sense of humor. Most definitely not sane. Sane people don't set 6 computers up in their wife's kitchen and loose Skynet on the world. Or draw dinosaurs everywhere they go. Gosh, I love him. Although, he may be on to something. Maybe sane people should draw dinosaurs everywhere. Hmm.


In a house occupied by a computer geek, 11+ computers (I'm told he needs them for gaming and parts), and miles of wires, you really have to start your kid early so he can keep up:
If you look closely at the above photo, you will see that Joseph is reading his favorite blog and looking forward to rolling around on squishy braided rugs at his Aunt's house. It's part of his morning work out in the baby gym.

The kid will probably start building his own computers any day now. Don't worry. He'll play sports too. And be a stud muffin.

Wait? What's that? Is that a NEW laptop? Don't you people have enough computers already?!?

I know, I know, but my old laptop recently croaked (stupid black screen of gloomy death) and I was without a laptop at home. You don't expect me to go from room to room without a laptop, now do you? Then I wouldn't be able to chat to my husband at work, listen to music everywhere, or google important things like "how to build bunkbeads," "peach cobbler recipe," "which baby teeth come first," and "why is Harry Potter 7 Part 1 coming out in flipping November."

The new laptop was actually a birthday present from my husband. It's a netbook, it's pretty, it's light, it's compact, it follows me everywhere, and it's AMAZING!!! Thanks, Love!

Check out that maniacal gleam of happiness!

Yesterday was my 24th birthday. Sorry. Birfday. I had a terrific day. I spent the morning with my baby and husband, ate tasty coconut cake for lunch, and went out for Thai food with my sister-in-law Theresa (Stephen had to work late :( ).

Theresa had never had Thai food before and I'm glad she liked it. We've decided to have an ethnic restaurant date once a month to try new foods. I go a little crazy eating only American food for long stretches of time.

The coconut cake was a sneaky surprise. Stephen and Theresa got together at her apartment after work and baked it for me. Both of them hate coconut, so it was very sweet of them to bake me a cake that neither of them want to eat.

All of that is mine! Mmm. Cake. Stephen did the icing. Can't you tell?

Thanks guys! It was delicious and I really enjoyed my birfday!

Now I'm off to have cake for breakfast.


  1. It really does look like he's reading my blog. :) I love it!
    Happy Birthday!! That cake looks YUMMY. And I like the cute red computer!

  2. You have no idea how excited I got when I read this title...I really thought you were considering my "Coffee Shop/Baby Gym" idea for the sandwich shoppe... But, it is always exciting to look at Joseph working out and reading blogs.

    PS. I'm surprised Stephen doesn't know how to spell "birthday." He, otherwise, seems so intelligent...

    Oh - and, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm so sorry that I forgot!

  3. That cake looks sooooo yummy! Happy Birthday!


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