Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Updating the Plumbing

As part of the bathroom addition project, the Professor plans to update all of the plumbing in the house. Currently, there is a maze of piping running throughout the cellar. It's old, it makes no sense, the pressure is terrible, and it takes forever for the hot water to make it through the pipes to the kitchen.

Our solution comes in the form of Pex tubing - flexible, resistant to freezing, and color coded for hot and cold water. We're going to run it to bypass all of the pipes in the house.And with this nifty little device, the hot and cold water pressure never falls simply because two people are using water in different areas of the house.
Total estimate cost - about $500. We'll start on it once the weather is a little warmer.


  1. most of your pressure problems are probably from the supply from the street being old.

  2. that's awesome about the piping! Brilliant engineer right there!

  3. If the pressure in the shower is fine, and the pressure at the kitchen sink is bad, it's not a problem off the street. If she had added a picture of our current pipe configuration, the upgrade would appear far overdue.


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