Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shiny White Porcelain

We're slowly beginning work on our existing bathrooms - both of which need MAJOR OVERHAULS... I think it's the puke yellow and pepto bismal pink that make me so prejudiced against the little rooms. They must go.

The first step was really more of a step to save on the water bill... The old toilets have a tendency to run and have larger than standard tanks... Oh. And they are UGLY.

Here's the upstairs toilet.
Here's his shiny, new replacement - all in one piece and easy enough to clean.
Gross... Must clean... I can't wait to replace that nasty old linoleum with some bright and shiny tiles... After all, it's peeling away from the floor...
So. A minor change. Small improvement. Just one step in the right direction.


  1. yay!!! white!! :)
    (did you ever think you'd be so excited about a new toilet?) ;)

  2. No. Isn't being a "grown up" funny? By the way - wax seals are gross - even though I'm grateful for them...


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