Thursday, March 11, 2010

Indiana Jane

Whenever I make fun discoveries around my house, I like to play the Indiana Jones theme song in my head, pretend I've got a really cool hat and whip, and make like I just fought off a bunch of evil Nazi swine to claim my prize. Some of their faces were even melting while I did it. Gross. It's okay, though, because I have an iron stomach.

What? I can pretend.


While ripping out one of our grody, cracked old windows this weekend, I found this little sweetheart hiding within the sill.
The Professor thinks it's a letter opener. I concur.
The question is - when is it a letter opener from? It could be crazy old or it could be from 1999.
I like to think it's crazy old. It's gorgeous and its my favorite teal color! It's got what appears to be a drop of paint on the stone, but I think I can get that off...

Is that cool, or what?

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  1. THAT is cool!!!
    I love finding artifacts around our house. I need to start a shadowbox.


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