Sunday, February 7, 2010

We Are Eskimos - A Sturdy Foundation

The Professor had a childhood dream to fulfill. That's right. He needed to build an igloo. And not just any igloo. This igloo, by golly, would have a roof! What better time to build an igloo than after a giant snowstorm?

We started around 2pm. It was still snowing. Theresa began by digging out a path and an area to build the igloo in. Hard work already. That's a lot of snow!!
With the help of an Igloo ice chest, Theresa and I packed and dumped our building blocks from the ice chest while the Professor placed and reinforced them in a circle. Before we knew it, we had a sturdy foundation:

Once our foundation was in place, the professor grabbed a keyhole saw and began keying the snow blocks so that he could start bringing each row of blocks further and further inward.
They were tasty blocks too. Theresa is especially fond of fresh snow and orange soda.

We are all that is Eskimo!
Next up, we'll be putting a roof over our sturdy foundation...

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  1. You guys are crazy.
    And your fan club is impatient.
    Rob said, "They need to post that NOW!!" ;)


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