Friday, February 26, 2010

Nursery Plans

Two weekends ago, my family threw me a wonderful baby shower with adorable clothes lines, baby food jar candles & towel animals (Thanks Theresa!). And you can't have a baby shower without ribbons & bows:The nursery room is nearly cleared out and all of the major baby items are present & accounted for. Now, I just have to come up with a plan for the nursery. We'll start with this beautiful crib from my mother- & father-in-law:A white (ecru) crib bumper:

These GORGEOUS crocheted blankets from my Aunt-in-Law Frannie:They are so soft and cozy! I just want to curl up in them!

One of these long, skinny mirrors:And these Chad Barret songbird prints which may end up framed in one of my many old windows:I believe I'm going to use these prints as inspiration for the rest of the rooms decor & colors. They give me several colors to work with: brown, olive green, baby & turquoise blue, yellow, & orange-red. I think they have a lot of promise and provide me with plenty of gender neutral options.

The next step? Picking out a paint color. I'm waiting for the prints to arrive before I proceed with that step. That way I can put all of the players together and hold up paint swatches. As of right now, I'm favoring blues & greens.

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