Friday, February 26, 2010

Barefoot & Pregnant

We had 8 guests staying in our house last weekend.

The Professor's parents & Grandmom came down to help my sister-in-law into her new apartment AND all of my college roomies came to visit. They even brought my sister with them as a surprise. Originally, these two visits were scheduled for separate weekends, but with all of the snow... we just decided to go with it. Overall, we had a crazy fun weekend with lots of cooking and silly fooling around.

All of the following pictures are courtesy of Sarah Peaches Thomas & Nancy Daly... You should check Nancy's work out at her website:

She's extremely talented as both a photographer and a graphic designer.

Anywho - these are some of the pictures that they took of my sister and I working in the kitchen together to make really tasty pizza. I'll share some of the fooling around pictures with you in another post.

Photos by Nancy Daly:
Photo by Sarah Peaches Thomas:Photo by Nancy Daly:Photo by Sarah Peaches Thomas:And my favorite moment from the evening:

My Sister: You do realize that you are standing in your kitchen, cooking, while barefoot & pregnant, right?

Me: Yup.

My Sister: Gross.

Ah, stereotypes!


  1. Don't throw pizza dough near ceiling fans. EVER

  2. Not gross... Awesome!
    Barefeet: Awesome
    Pregnant with my nephew: Awesome
    Mrs. Shoppekeeper's cooking: Awesome

    I love it! And those pictures... to DIE for. I love me some Sarah & Nancy.


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