Sunday, January 24, 2010

9 Down, 8 To Go

A few months ago, we purchased 17 replacement windows. So far, window replacement progress has been fairly slow. Before this weekend, we had replaced only 3 of our windows. This weekend, however, we were very productive. We replaced 5 yesterday and 1 today (then it started raining and I had to stop...).

The new windows have several perks. First - they aren't painted like the kitchen windows used to be painted:
Second, you can't feel a draft coming through the window or the heat being sucked out of single panes of glass. Third, they muffle the noise of passing cars on the street in front of our house. Fourth... THEY CAN BE OPENED!! Very exciting, indeed!

So, the kitchen windows:

The bathroom window before:
Our friend Aaron came to visit this weekend and helped us out. He received a tutorial on how to replace windows and, his favorite part, how to use a nail gun. He's a cop. He likes guns.
YAY! Our heating bill is just going to keep looking better and better!

And the laundry room window:


  1. The better weather, well temperature, sure must have helped. Younger blood probably helped too.

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