Saturday, December 26, 2009

Why I Teach

As a first year teacher, it's easy to have a lot of doubts. What did I screw up today? How can I make it better and improve tomorrow? What worked? What didn't work? I hope I'm not ruining my student's lives... I've had both very bad days and terrific days as a teacher so far. I've been frustrated, bemused, outraged, inspired, and touched by my lunatic teenage charges - often all in the same day.

I'm posting this as a reminder to myself for why I teach. Every teacher hopes that they are in some way reaching their students. This card from one of my students made all of the frustrations from my first semester of teaching worth it:

Mrs. Jane Doe,

Thanks for being a great teacher. I am going thru a tough time at home, but I am learning to better myself in your class. You teach me more than just history. You are inspiring me to do more with my life. Hope you have an amazing Christmas, and a happy new year.

Your student,

John Doe

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