Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dream Log 3:21 AM

I never could remember most of my dreams. However, now that I'm pregnant, I've been having very vivid, easily remembered dreams.


Example 1:
I'm walking around Disney's Magical Kingdom with my husband and sister-in-law Theresa when I realize that I need to go to the bathroom. I look around for a moment, then dash into the Pirates of the Caribbean. I make it to their bathroom only to discover that I can't get any of the bathroom or stall doors to close. How embarrassing! How will I ever go to the bathroom?

Example 2:
I'm on the campus of JMU with my husband and we are looking at the really awesome, brand new sports facility (which they built as an extension of the older UREC). We're discussing the features of the sports facility and how they built two new pools in the new wing, even though there were two really great pools in the old wing (in actuality, there is only one pool at UREC). Then the dream cuts to my husband and I swimming laps & racing in the four giant Olympic size pools. He's swimming freestyle and I'm swimming breast stroke on my back (??). We are leap frogging each other. He has longer limbs than me and so has the advantage, but I can do the roll turn much faster because I was on swim team. I can really feel the burn and push while I do the breast stroke kick each time I propel myself forward. In all four giant Olympic size pools of water.


All of these dreams have a common element - I wake up somewhere between 2:30 and 7 am and realize, "Damn, I have to pee."

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