Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Product of Procrastination

I woke up this morning after about 13 hours of glorious sleep, took one look at the dishes and laundry piled up that I need to do, and decided to do a little procrastinating instead.

I like to think that my extended periods of procrastination are usually productive - just not productive in the way they should be. So, as you can see, I chose to play in blog land this morning. I decided I was tired of brown and wanted a whole new look for my blog.

However, there was a slight dilemma... I don't have the skills or the time to come up with this snazzy look all on my own. The answer to this dilemma? A google search on "free blogger backgrounds." I'm pretty happy with the results.

I found two really terrific blogs which offered free, easy to install backgrounds. The first one I looked at was the background fairy. She has a lot of cute stuff and I nearly went with several of her backgrounds, but, ever fickle, I decided to keep searching. (Click on the icon to proceed to her blog).
Then, I stumbled across "hot bliggity blog" and found even more terrific backgrounds. After clicking on every other blog background which suited my fancy, I finally settled on what you currently see as my background. I like the colors and the stitching on the side is a cute touch. (click on the icon to proceed to the blog)
The only downside is that the backgrounds for both sites involve a little advertisement in the upper left corner - but I suppose it's only fair since they are letting me use their background for free. Like I said, I'm not about to try to create something like this on my own!

This site also has some great options:

Putting the background into your blog is really simple. You just:
1)Make sure you are logged in and then click "Customize" at the top of your blog.
2)Click on "Add A Gadget"
3)Scroll down the box and click on "Html/Javascript"
4)In the "Content Box" cut and paste the Html code for your chosen background.
5)Click "Save" and you are done!

The next step was to alter my old header to match my new background. I rather like it's new color as well.

So, 3 hours later (no really...), I'd successfully managed to avoid all of the piles of work I have to do and come up with a new look for my blog that made me happy.

Why so motivated to avoid my piles of work? Because they currently look something like this:
That's right, folks. It's midterm time. Grades are due by the end of Monday and I've got to get all of those papers graded, recorded, and turned in... BOO!
So, instead of doing dishes & laundry (which I'm saving for when I get sick of grading)... Instead of frolicking outside in the fresh air and enjoying the bright fall colors...
This tree is right across the street and I'm convinced it's taunting me...

It's a good thing it's all rainy and gross outside or else I might just say "To hell with it!" and head for the mountains. Maybe tomorrow?

Instead of doing all of that... I'm going to lie on the couch in my pjs:

And get some grading done.

While watching the ever so ridiculous The Land That Time Forgot on Turner Classic Movies.Afterall, I need a good laugh and dinosaur monsters that look like this are perfect for that:
Such a rough life...

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  1. I LOVE the new blog background! Very cheerful! And I actually like the ad, because the name is funny. :)


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