Thursday, September 24, 2009

Off the Wall!

When you have plaster walls, the stud finder is practically useless. It thinks everything is a stud - including my husband...

Yes. I know.

This means that in order to find studs (structurally speaking), you've got to do some experimental drilling with a really tiny bit.
However, once your stud finds the wall stud, you can drill larger holes about the size of giant 3 1/2 inch lag bolts.

Why do we need giant lag bolts in the wall?
So that your husband will make these kids of faces, of course! Oh wait... He does that all the time. Hmm...

Wait! It's for this strange contraption... Which is a... what the heck is it?!?! Pull up bars? That was my first guess... Umm... Updated medieval rack? No?

Husband's look of pitying ridicule:

Apparently... It's a flat screen wall support.

Hey, where'd the stud go?? Clearly, a search party is needed. We can't have disappearing stud stunts.
Well... I guess that solves the problem of not having a corner stand for the television... Did I mention that it swivels from side to side and up and down? It's just floating there. Like it's held up by pixie dust or invisible goblins. It kind of freaks me out a little. I bet the goblins are actually purple with blood red eyes when they go visible. I bet they have 20 rows of jagged teeth. STOP. Get out of your head right now, Missy!

Now... What to do with those cords and the computer it's hooked up to??

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