Friday, September 25, 2009

I Survived Homecoming Week

Homecoming week is FINALLY over! The kids just might stop being completely psycho next week!

...or not...

Anyways, we had pj day, sun/surf/snow day, wacky day (my favorite!), jersey day, and of course class colors day.

Teaching today with the impending pep rally coming up at the end of the day was insane. INSANE. It was like my kids had turned into energy filled monkeys on speed. I ended up splitting my second block into groups of three and spreading them around the hall and room to keep them away from each other. It was ridiculous... "What do you mean we still have to learn today?!"

Since my fourth block was right before the pep rally and the kids were so revved up that they weren't retaining anything, I decided to give it a rest for the second part of the block. I pulled out paint, brushes, and poster boards and let them have at it. They painted signs supporting the sophomores, they painted each others faces, they painted my wall... I made them clean that one up. One of my students wanted a curly mustache painted on, but couldn't keep a straight face long enough go get any curl to go with his blue hair...

Then, of course, my kids got ahold of me...

By get ahold of me, I mean I was helping one kid finish her test and another one came over and started painting LEE on my face. I just decided to go with it. Apparently, I support the sophomore class. My juniors may not forgive me on Monday.

Finally, it came time to let the animals out of their cages - er - I mean to load the gym for the pep rally.

It's been awhile since I've been to a pep rally. I'd forgotten how LOUD it is. I feel like an old woman saying this, but it was TOO loud. My ears will be ringing from it all for a decade or two. The male cheerleading may have made it all worthwhile. Especially when one of my guys from class did a full out split. Twice. On a hard wood floor. With no padding.


  1. Hey! Good job "going with the flow" on pep rally day. Prepare yourself for the following: halloween, day before thanksgiving, 2 weeks leading up to christmas, coming back from christmas break, valentines day, and april, may, and june. For some odd reason, we *think* high school kids would be mature?? This is not the case!

  2. You are a crazy-fun teacher. Why did I not have any teachers that let me draw on their face?


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