Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Whirlwind Visit

All three of my siblings visited our house for the first time yesterday. They got here Sunday night and left Tuesday morning. It was a quick visit, but overall I enjoyed seeing them! It's been awhile since all four of us have been together.

All four of us in one place always makes for some interesting times...

So, without further ado, these are the punks that I'm related to:
Don't ask me to explain...We're all pretty confused by it.Classic sister face:My little brother, the youngest, is now 6'2" and very bony. When he sat on my lap, I thought my thighs would break in two. He also threw me over his very bony shoulder. Ouch. I miss the days when I could win fights against him...
In addition to growing about 2 feet in the last year, he now sounds like James Earl Jones. It freaks me out! He answers the phone and I don't recognize his voice. (note the cell phone hooked onto my dress - very fashionable)My youngest sister spent a lot of time reorganizing things in my kitchen, laundry room, and office.

Before, you could barely walk in the laundry room. Now, everything is lined up against the wall and grouped together with like items. She's a master organizer. THANKS!Then there's my middle sister. She took over making dinner. If you think I'm at home in the kitchen, you haven't met my sister. She made bratwurst and home fries. I helped, but mostly spent the time talking with her.
She makes awesome German home fries!

Cube and boil potatoes with lots of salt. Cut up one onion and as much bacon (or speck if you have it!) as you want into tiny pieces and fry them until the onion is carmelized. Add the soft potatoes, salt, pepper, and paprika. Make sure you let the potatoes get a nice crust by letting them sit still in the pan for a while and then scraping them off/flipping them. Trust me, it's awesome!

Bratwurst is easy. Brown the bratwurst (cut small slices so that they don't explode on you...), put it in a pot or slow cooker with sauer kraut, your beer of choice, and lots of salt and pepper.

Cook it until the bratwurst is no longer pink in the middle, then eat it with rolls and spicy brown mustard. It was excellent!
Overall, it was a good visit. We even watched The Secret of NIMH and the beginning of The Land Before Time. Good times.


  1. those food pictures look a little gross. But, I have no doubt it all tasted amazing. Your family has some rockin' cooking skills!

  2. I'm sooooo shocked that you're related to those people...
    You mean... they make funny faces at the camera... they cook... they organize... I just can't get over it! Are you sure you came from the same stock? ;)

  3. I know the food looks a little gross - that's partly why I couldn't resist uploading the pictures. But it was very tasty!

    Also, I left out a lot of the "how am I related to these people" details... Trust me! I had plenty of those moments. Fun story - another time.


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