Friday, July 31, 2009

Obsessive Compulsive New Teacher Syndrome

It's okay. You don't have to call me out. I'll just admit it.

I'm a jerk.

It's just mean to blog 3 times a day for over a month and then slack off. Then again, this is assuming that I have succeeded in snaring your interest and addicting you to YOSS (not a cool acronym..), and that you are crestfallen, nay, heartbroken, whenever you check my blog 10 times a day and still find nothing new. Well, of course!! Duh.

In addition to being a jerk, I'm also vain...

And now for some classic "I didn't do it!" finger-pointing:

First, there was vacation. Myrtle Beach disrupted my blogging habits. Hard to blog when your lying on a beach. Mmm. Beach.

Second, we moved. I haven't accomplished any major projects because I'm still hip deep in boxes. So, I feel I have nothing blog worthy to report.

Finally, I landed a teaching job (AWESOME!) and have been spending every potential blogging minute since then scheming, plotting, planning, and, well, reading.

Yesterday, after filling out all of the paperwork, the head of HR also handed me two books (My brain: "Sweet, free books!"). He suggested I read them prior to new teacher orientation on August 10th:I'm halfway through The First Days of School and I'm really enjoying it. For a first year teacher, it gives incredibly practical advice on how to set up rules, establish procedures, and take charge of your classroom from day 1 - the most crucial day of the entire school year. The day when your students (wild animals) determine whether or not you are fresh meat. Think Mean Girls. It's a jungle out there.

Also, I have a confession. Or two.

I dug out all of my books and materials from my education program and started going through them obsessively. Yes, I keep all of that stuff. I still have notes from my freshman history classes. I typed them up. Don't you do that? No? Oh. Well. Moving on...

I've started listening to history podcasts and reading history teacher's blogs. Obsessively. I even found this really awesome one on the Byzantine Empire! Fascinating!

I started writing out my syllabus and classroom rules... It made me giddy. Assigned seating chart is on the overhead, homework goes in the bins in the front of the class, remain in your seat until the bell rings... I love this stuff!

Shameful. I know.

I even checked out my classroom. I have an entire classroom - with windows! It's MINE! I get to organize it! Giddy x 5,000. I might have stroked the chalkboard. Maybe. You know. Just a little.

Now that I'm going to be a teacher for real, I'm obsessing about everything! I have a problem.

I promise to do something super handy and macho with a hammer, wrench, or paint brush really soon so that I can regain your respect... If that is even possible at this point...

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  1. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!
    I want classroom pictures :)


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