Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chicken in a Pot

This is incredibly easy and wonderfully tasty. First, you need a ROMERTOPF, or a German clay baker or clay pot. I love the Romertopf. My mom found mine at a thrift store and gave it to me while I was in college. It's awesome because it's the easiest thing in the world. I highly recommend it!
It seals in nutrients and moisture, thereby providing you with a delicious meal. There are many things you can make with a Romertopf, but Chicken in a Pot is my favorite.

small chicken

Soak the Romertopf in water for 10-15 minutes while you prepare the food.

Peel and chunk your vegetables.
The Professor got me a real knife for my birthday. It cuts through everything like it's butter.
Throw some of your vegetables into the bottom of the Rommertopf, put the chicken on top, cover in spices, and then put the rest of the vegetables on top.

Put the lid on and stick it into the oven on 375 for about an hour and a half. Leave it be.It comes out nice and moist with soft tasty vegetables and lots of juices to soak up with a slice of crusty bread.

You can do any variation on this. Add whatever veggies you like! Maybe I'll do a stuffed pork loin with rice pilaf next.

Then use your awesome knife to cut the carrot cake your mom brought you from the Swiss Bakery and have dessert. While looking like a psycho.Oh, and check out my status at the top right. It might have changed since you last looked at it.

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  1. Happy (late) Birthday :)
    I need details!!!!

    ps: I love chicken in a pot. I make it with the slow cooker though because I don't have a fancy pot. :)


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