Thursday, July 2, 2009

Leftover Paint: Master Bedroom

I used the last gallon of Vanilla Brandy to paint the upstairs master bedroom:

The original ceiling was plaster. Previous owners kept it from cracking and falling apart by putting up ceiling tiles. Unlike most of the other ceiling tiles in the house, these ones aren't plain:

Take a look through that window. See how it distorts the house? That's because the glass is old and wavy.

The brass knobs on the closet doors will probably get spray painted. They aren't bad, I just don't seem to like brass.

There is an outlet in the closet. Yes, in the closet. I'm not sure why.
Guess what feel out when I removed the cover on the outlet:
Bat poop.


Well, it makes sense. That wall is directly under where most of the bats hang out during the day...

This just adds to my list of reasons why the bats must be evicted.

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