Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ivory-Toned Voysey

WARNING: This post contains a ridiculous amount of pictures. Why, because I was especially picture happy at the time and I had a hard time choosing pictures to leave out. Besides, this way you get more angles.

Now that you have been properly forewarned, on with the post!

We decided to take advantage of the 4th of July Sale at Ollies and get some area rugs. How else are we to protect our footsies when it gets cold?

Socks? Nah. Rugs! Ok, maybe socks and rugs.

Besides, we're moving soon and wanted to create a homey feel and to have something to set our couches on.

The Professor voted for this rug (in green or red):But I just couldn't get my heart to set on it. I tried. Really. I stood staring at it. I hemmed and hawed and drove my poor darling husband crazy for about 20 minutes trying to make myself like it...

I failed miserably. I'm a bad wife. But there you have it.

In the end, I went with the ivory-toned Voysey rug. I still feel a little guilty, but I assuage my guilt by reminding myself that my rug choice was less expensive. When I look at these rugs, they make me think English Garden. Dad, you are welcome to argue with me :P .
Note: The rugs are all the same shade, they just appear lighter or darker depending on which way they are turned and which side you are standing on. We discovered this when I stood on one side and the Professor stood on the other. The Professor said, "Hey, I think that one is darker." My response, "What are you blind? This one is obviously darker." The Professor: "Your crazy. You've clearly lost your eye sight! This one is darker!" Then we switched sides and realized we were both right and wrong.

I did a little research. Who knew a rug purchase would result in learning? Mr. Charles Francis Annesley Voysey was an English architect, furniture, and textile designer during the Victorian era. He was prominent from 1880 to 1930. Sure, it is probably coincidence that the rug has his name, but I personally like that Mr. Voysey fits right in with the age of my house. For more information and a look at some of his works, click HERE.

The prices were really great. Especially after looking at JC Penney and Target rugs online. They ranged anywhere from 300-600 for large area rugs. YIKES.

We ended up with two large area rugs, one medium area rug, and two runners for $330. That's a good price, right? Compared to what I saw online, I think it was. Right?

I also chose this rug because it's beige color goes well with the walls in the living room, but it also has a variety of other colors (reds, greens, blues, browns). That way, the colors go with the red couches, the green/gray hall, and it leaves other color avenues open for me to explore in these rooms. Additionally, I find the colors and pattern interesting, but not in your face interesting. I think they have a lovely, muted charm.

Maybe I'm putting too much thought into this?

Original Front Entry (Foyer?) Dinky Rug:
Current Macho Fills the Space Front Entry (Foyer?) Rug:
Really long downstairs hallway:

Front half of the living room:

I really think it goes well with the wall color.

Back half of the living room (temporary dining room until current dining room has a light and is no longer tool central):


It's been three days and I still really like them. That's a good sign!


  1. It's the "little" things like these rugs that make the house a home. These sure do look good. I can only imagine what more will be done before I see it in person again.
    The umbrella looked lonely without a bowler (or any proper top hat) hanging above it.

  2. Dad, I don't want a hat getting in the way of me cutting down an invader.

  3. Beautiful! :) I love rugs :) And I LOVE that price!!

  4. Is is bad that I'm sorely tempted to go out and get a black bowler to hang on the stand? Because I am.


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