Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Importance of Being... Organized

One of the biggest things that the Professor and I struggle with while working on the house is keeping everything organized. Ok, it bugs me more than it bugs the Professor.

Every week or so, I realize I can't find anything I'm looking for. It's aggravating and slows down progress. When this happens, I go around to all of the rooms and collect the tools. I then group them into one room and one place.

All the paint cans and drop cloths in one corner:

All of the sandpaper in one place:

All of the tools in their bucket:

It's so easy to lose the hammer or drill or wrench. You set it down, then you set something down on top of it. Then before you know it, you're wandering around the house saying to yourself, "Where the heck did I put that hammer?!"

I'm trying very hard to put things back where I took them from. Trying would be the key word.

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