Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tile Master 1.0

I tried my hand at a new skill last week - tiling. It actually turned out really well, if I do say so myself.

Step 1: Locate Instructions for Crazy DIY Girls Who Think They Can Tile and Maybe Read Good

Thanks This Old House!

Step 2: Select Tile, Mortar, Grout, and Other Materials from Lowes (Argue With Husband About Tiles)
Who knew grout came in so many colors? Hey, I want purple grout!!!Oh, fine, we'll get silver. Lame.Step 3: Screw Down Cement Board To Ensure Flat Surface & Prevent CrackingStep 4: Dry Layout of Tiles to Discover If You Have Enough and What Needs To Be CutStep 5-Step 9 have been properly documented and include mixing and spreading mortar, laying out tiles, grouting tile cracks, and washing down the tiles. The tiles fit really well in the room. I only had to cut 8 and the nice tile guys at Lowes did that for me. Wet saws rock my socks!

Step 10: Grout Sealer Keeps the Grout from Stains for About 15 Years! Don't Allow Fumes To Knock You Unconscious!Final Result:Oh, and a really great new floor!
FINAL STEP: Gingerly Walk On Your New FREAKIN' AWESOME Floor.

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