Saturday, June 27, 2009

Poor Petrie

Poor Petrie. Afraid to fly. Easily panicked. Unable to speak proper English. Refers to himself in the third person.

I can relate.

Well, I've got an entire attic full of modern day Petries. They may not be related, but they look similar enough for this to work in my head. One Petrie was ok, but an entire group of Petrie's is just too much. They really need to go bye bye.

We just wanted to catch the flies. They were driving us crazy!

But then, we may have caught something a little bit larger than the incessantly annoying flies...

We may have caught a creature that typically eats the flies...

We didn't mean to. But it's one more bat down. Until they start having bat babies in my attic. Little pink hairless bat babies (called pups). Gross.

So apparently, sticky fly strips can fell little brown bats. Maybe if we hung up 50 of these in the attic? I guess that wouldn't be very nice. They do eat the mosquitoes for me after all.

I just want them to move into Endless Caverns. There has got to be space for them there.

This was my surprise for Grandmom today... Poor little guy. He should have stayed in the caves.

Look, they even have little fingers... Creepy little fingers.

And big ears. The better to hear little buzzing wings.

He had nearly ripped the entire sticky trap in two, but it was held together by his wings. I admit I felt a little bit sad, but the traps weren't meant for him! They were in my house where the 20+ flies were driving me crazy! Not in the attic. IN MY HOUSE. GRRRRRR.

The worst part was his foot started twitching a little. Gave me the creeps.

Maybe if we kept Sharptooth in our attic, they'd leave? YEAH! That's what we'll do. Best solution ever!

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