Saturday, June 27, 2009

Parakeet Pete

Isn't that kid adorable!

My mom is determined that I have a space in the house where I can be at peace and work on teacher things. So she came and helped me paint one of the upstairs rooms to turn it into an office. She'll be back again to help me build some built in bookshelving with a window seat on the far wall of this room.
Over the years, I've collected a lot of pictures of old maps (antique map calendars, posters, actual maps, etc.). I like old maps because they are interesting. They are rarely accurate and they always have illustrations of mythical sea creatures or explorers. I really enjoyed teaching geography and so I plan to take my collection, frame a bunch of them, and put them up on the wall. With this in mind, my mother and I went through my collection with paint chips in hand and searched for a common unifying color.

INSERT Genius Paint Tip #6 (via My Mother): When choosing a paint color, consider what you will hang on the walls and what you will have in the room. Imagine that you are matting your pictures with the paint color you choose. This will help your pictures pop on the walls and will allow for a cohesive, put together feel... (At least, that's what I'm going for...)

After going through all of the maps, we chose a bright blue color called Parakeet Pete. I admit the name sort of sealed the deal. I mean, we were using antique maps. Pirates would have roamed the seas of those maps. Parakeets sit on pirates' shoulders. It all makes sense! (What is this madwoman rambling about?)

So my mother, being awesome like she is, edged the whole room for me! And she did most of it by hand!

Isn't she great? Oh no, the edging paint attacked her boob! The horror! (Sorry love.)She then managed to paint a good chunk of the room before she had to go. I finished up the rest. I think it looks gorgeous against the dark wood floors.

See, it goes well with my big map:
I know the color is bright, and I did worry that it was overwhelming, but it's also cheerful and feminine. I think I could be very happy holing myself up in the room and that is what is important. Plus, once there is stuff in the room and bookshelving and pictures on the walls, there won't be as much of it. It's impact will back off.

I was also worried it might clash with the hallway, but the colors aren't bad together. Besides I have plans to make sure they tie into each other. You'll see.


  1. it IS gorgeous! That is a perfect color! When you're done building built ins and window seats at your house will you come do mine? ;)

  2. I'd love to come help you. If you want a painting buddy or just someone to hang out with and hand you the tools you need, I'd be happy to come visit!


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