Friday, June 5, 2009

Not So Minty, But Very Moldy Disaster - Part II

And now for the "kitchen" and "bathroom" areas. Let's start with the kitchen. This is the view when you first walk into the kitchen from the front dining area:
The stove hood is really the only thing left that distinguishes this area as the "kitchen."

This is the view looking in from the back door:

There's lots of shelving and I don't know when it was put in. The area appears to have been used for miscellaneous storage. Some of the shelving is in decent shape. Some of it needs to go bye bye.
The walls are super water damaged. They are rotting and peeling everywhere.
Considering the indoor rain showers, it's really no surprise.I'm not sure which is worse. The roof or the walls.
We are definitely going to have to replace the roof. Our uncle found us some really large skylights to brighten the place up and save us on roofing materials. We'll have to put in new roof supports... and new ceilings.

Most of the former ceiling has taken up residence on the ground, but there's a little bit still hanging on. He's chillin' with the beer bottle. Again, you can see the original siding of the house. I think it was white before they mintified it in the diner area.

This is the very small entrance to the "bathroom:"
Oh good, paper towels! I was so worried about staying dry...Best bathroom ever!It's not in use. It's just collected rain water and lots of debris. Oh boy, I can't wait to start work on this particular room...
Again, no real flooring, just raw, cracked, and debris-covered concrete.

The only piece of furniture the house came with:

Surprisingly, the desk isn't really water damaged because it's located directly under the hood. I need to relocate it into the house to keep it that way.

All together, it's one huge mess. We're going to need some pry bars, sledge hammers, and a dumpster to fix our little shoppe up.

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