Thursday, June 4, 2009

Drunken Painting

No, not me.

In truth, I don't much like yellow. But it works for our house. It isn't an obnoxious shade of yellow. In fact, it's very cheery!
But, I have a problem with the current color scheme. I love that the trim is white. But the porch is blue and the shutters (we only have 4, and only on the front of the house) are black... These colors do not work in my world of color schemes.

The black shutters on the yellow scream bumblebee. You know it's bad when you start hearing Flight of the Bumblebee every time you walk in front of your house.The combo of blue and black says bruises. I accumulate plenty of those all on my own. I don't need subliminal messages from my house to walk into things.

Blue Porch:
I actually like the shade of blue. It's very mellow. Just not with the black shutters:

Yeah... whoever painted the trim on ALL of the windows was clearly drunk. On painkillers. And schizoid. And hyped up on meth. CLEARLY.

I would guess that he looks something like the phantom in this badly painted window:
Anyways, back to my point. I drive by other cheerful yellow houses every day and I really like their colors. I'm thinking of painting the shutters on our house a lovely bright red like in the following:
It's great the way the red pops on the yellow. I really love how the flowers in the front bed match the door and shutters almost perfectly.
I also like the color they painted their metal roof on this house:
But the metal roof project is far away in the distant future and would require lots of paint and a very safe harness to prevent neck breakage. Right now our roof is painted silver and I'm not really sure I should change that. Silver is great for reflecting the sun and heat.

So maybe, something like this?The red is off, but I wanted to get a general idea. There aren't shutters on the big window right now... Should there be? I can't decide. And if the shutters were red, would I have to change the porch color? Oy vay. Colors will be the death of me.


  1. Those red shudders look HORRIFIC! and if you're thinking about putting tiny shudders on the huge window, think again. VETO

  2. The red on the picture is too bright. I agree. But I like it on the other yellow house. So it should look fine. I'm also inclined to agree that the shutters won't work on the giant window. That's why I asked.

  3. I like the IDEA of shutters on the huge window, but they'd probably look too wimpy in real life. Maybe use some big beefy molding around that window to fancy it up instead.

    I like the red idea, but I actually like your current black shutters AND the blue porch paint. I don't even think they clash! The current paint scheme doesn't remind me of bumblebees or bruises. If you do paint the shutters red, maybe paint the porch a terra-cotta like red. My mom used to have a breeze way in a terra-cotta red that was beautiful. Very natural looking.


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