Thursday, June 4, 2009

Moldy Minty Disaster - Part I

The shoppe is divided into two sections. The front area is where customers would have chowed down on some greasy sandwichy goodness at small diner tables. The back area consists of the short-order "kitchen" and "bathroom." While both areas are damaged and require a great deal of repair, the front area is in considerably better shape. We'll start with the front door:
Notice... the hinge is not attached to the door. It is usually hanging more precariously, but I pushed it back into place.

This is the what you see when you first walk into the door. Lots of clutter surrounded by a minty green glow. Everything in this picture came with the house, except for the lawn mower, ladder, and table saw.Can you identify all of the free stuff?

The shelves hold loads of stuff--paint, polyurethane, oil, coffee cans, drill bits, sketchily unlabeled jars of unidentified substances, and probably dead rodents. I try not to look too closely.

View from the other end of the shoppe, looking back at the front door:We also have this lovely painting:
It reminds me of the beach art all over the house our family rents at Myrtle Beach every year. SOOO not my style and the colors make me think 80s or early 90s... Oh, look, the frame matches the walls! Ick...

Also in the picture, you can see 3 very old computer monitors, a step ladder, and a poker table. I guess I'll just have to start gambling with our (crazy?) neighbor while sitting on the step ladder. I'll use the monitors for money.

Or I could use this metal chair/stepladder combo... I think someone dropped a bucket of paint on it. Oh, and if you take a good look at the floor--it is raw concrete. The concrete is cracked in a few places.
You used to be able to walk into the sandwich shoppe from the house. But someone boarded the entryway up and turned it into a closet:
Oh, so that's what that big brown boxy thingy-ma-jigger was. They left the original wood siding of the house exposed when they added the shoppe onto the side. Somewhere along the way, someone slapped aluminum siding over the original wood siding on the exterior parts of the house. I'm ok with that because painted wood siding peels more rapidly. This way, I don't have to paint the house very often!
The roof needs some serious help as well, but compared to the "kitchen" area, it looks superbly chic! Just look at those 1950s-ish light fixtures!

It needs SO much work! I'm looking forward to making it livable and tearing out the closet barrier. It will open up the first floor. Plus, once the screens with broken springs are gone, that room will get tons of light! I think it would make a nice office/parlor area, but we'll see.

Trust me, though. As far as damages go, you haven't seen anything. It doesn't even rain in this part of the shoppe!

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